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Our Testimonials

Our clients are with us for life and know that we will do anything possible to get the best results for them.

Ocularist Dwayne Collins polishing a bespoke artificial eye.

Our passion is to provide the best service available for wearers of custom prosthetic eyes in Australia and abroad. The one reason we do this is to provide a better service where people come first and always leave knowing they have the best product available to them.

I have the most heartfelt gratitude for the compassion and professionalism Dwayne has shown our family. He kept us involved every step of the way and Audrey became very interested in the process. I was brought to tears with the end result and most importantly Audrey loved it! The level of detail is incredible and Dwayne even painted a hidden snowflake as like most little girls Audrey is a Frozen fan. I know Audrey has made a friend for life.

Claudine SnowHappy Mum

Very few people can actually change your life. Ocularist Dwayne Collins will. With the skill of his art, and the craftsmanship he possesses you will have a new face. I have given Dwayne full permission to have prospective clients make private contact with me. Dwayne, I love your work.

Barry Van EsPatient

Through my 38 years experience of wearing a prosthetic eye, I felt he is a great ocularist. I heard he’d just started his new career last year, but his passion of making eyes and his sympathy to clients cover his experience. I’m quite sure that he will be one of the great and world leading ocularists. More patients will visit his clinic from all over the world as I did. The most important matter of this field is not only good technics, but warm sympathy. On the last day, a famous Australian TV program called “The Project” came to his place to film.

They watched me wearing the new prosthetic eye and what they said was “We didn’t know that a prosthetic eye can move so naturally!”. They filmed my eye in zoom up and I checked the movement through camera, the motility was more than I expected. Can you believe that Dwayne adjusted my eye only once! Usually it takes a long time to get good results.

Ocularist is one of the greatest job giving confidence or joy in life to people who have lost an eye.

If you have a chance I suggest you consult Dwayne at Oculus Prosthetics, he will give you his best for your new eye. Thank you so much Dwayne.

Koji DandaNew best friend from Japan

I could say it’s a miracle, but I know its only your professionalism and dedication that after over two decades of having had to take my eye out eight to ten times a day, yes each day, due to an abundance of discharge. It’s has now been over a month since you made me a new eye, and since then I have taken it out three times not because of discharge (I haven’t had any) but just to look at it. Taking an impression of the socket has done the trick eliminating too much space in the socket. Why any previous ocularist did not do this, or even mention it I don’t know.

I have had many visits to doctors and specialists whom over the years have prescribed and recommended to polish the eye, eye lubricants, antibiotics, eye washes and many others all to no avail. I sincerely thank you. The eye is comfortable to the point of forgetting that I have a prosthetic eye.

Jim DurantPatient
  • Dwayne at oculus prosthetics got a huge amount of movement back in to my eye. His attention to detail and willingness to spend the time adjusting the eye until it... read more

    Shri Madhava D'Costa Avatar Shri Madhava D'Costa

    Dwayne is amazing he created a new life for me, i wouldn’t say thank you enough for him. I am appreciate it Dwayne helped me in my life!! In the past... read more

    Na Fi Avatar Na Fi

    Just want to praise Dwayne from Oculus prosthetics for the fantastic service he provided. From the start he advised me the best away to apply for help with payment options.... read more

    Dale Martin Avatar Dale Martin

    Dwayne is an absolute gentleman among gentleman (even for a kiwi). It has been 12 years since my accident and first prosthetic eye. Dwayne made it so easy and comfortable... read more

    Ricky Munro Avatar Ricky Munro
  • Dwayne from Oculus Prosthetics has given my 6 year old daughter an eye that she can truly wear with pride. The eye is incredible. Our family is so grateful not... read more

    Claudine Snow Avatar Claudine Snow

    Dwayne at Oculus Prosthetics offers an amazing service. He is caring, informative and friendly. The prosthetic eye he made for my husband looks great and the Eye Specialist... read more

    Helen Vogel Avatar Helen Vogel

    Awesome service provided, Dwayne is friendly and professional which made the process very comfortable, I am super happy with the end result. Thank you

    Cheri DE WAGT Avatar Cheri DE WAGT

    Dwayne did a wonderful job. The match is amazing people can't tell I have a prothesis eye. Thanks so much Dwayne

    Jane Rushton Avatar Jane Rushton

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